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Tennessee Temple - Wed, Oct. 1, 2014

The month of October is a time where student athletes all across America join in to show their support of breast cancer research by wearing pink attire. This raised awareness is a cause to action to anyone observant of the athletes wearing their pink attire, as well as a reminder of support. Statistically speaking, someone or someone you know has been directly affected by breast cancer. We here at Tennessee Temple wear pink to show that we are in support of the actions of charities like Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, who rated in the top percentile for We also show our support to those affected by breast cancer with the reminder that you are not in the fight alone. Awareness is incredibly important, but remember this October to not only be aware but be ready to make impact. Know your charities and find a place to give, visit someone who is personally affected to show support, or find many of the other helpful outlets provided to help the fight against cancer. Tennessee Temple University athletes will be in pink this month, hopefully you will join us!