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Men's Soccer - Wed, Jun. 12, 2013

Tennessee Temple University men's soccer coach Ignacio Ortiz signed two players from North Murray High School's region-champion and state-round-of-16 team Friday: Freddy Urbina and Alexis Solorsano. The 6-foot-1 Urbina played forward for the Mountaineers and scored 27 goals this past season, but Ortiz plans to use him at center fullback. "I have seen him at center back and think that will work best for us, but it's good to know he has experience at scoring. detoxic
What I really like from him and Alexis is that they came from a good program and they are hard workers. Alexis is short (5-5), but he moves the ball really well. He creates space and he creates plays." Solorsano had 11 goals with a bunch of assists for North Murray. He said he liked Ortiz and the players he's met, and he likes the small class sizes at TTU. Said Urbina: "It feels like family. It's not that big and everyone makes you feel at home."